Learn Arabic from scratch with Siraj Al Arabiya, a comprehensive curriculum for non-Arabic speakers

About Siraj Al Arabiya

Our goal is to facilitate the teaching of the Arabic language to non-native speakers, through

The Siraj Arabic series is an educational series for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and it targets the age group over seven years, and it is a paper and electronic series in addition to that it uses the latest technologies and means to facilitate the educational process, including audio, pictures, videos, and the phone application, and soon, God willing, the series will provide reality technology augmented

?Why Siraj Arabia series

The Siraj Al-Arabiya series was characterized by an interesting way of presentation, diversity in its style, and activities that suit each skill to entertain students and attract them towards the language.

Cooperation with institutions that teach Arabic to non-native speakers
Training teachers of Arabic for non-native speakers
Authoring specialized academic curricula

library books

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